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09 April 2009 @ 11:04 pm
Italian/English articles + recent pics  
Recent articles of Duckies @ Goal.com:

Pato, come te non c'è nessuno - italian
Barça will win the Champions League - italian
Luckily... Pato isn't a Blues - italian
Pato 'bout the future of Carletto and Ricky - english

& italian article @ La Gazzetta dello Sport here! , about the tumour that Pato had when he was 11. - italian

Finally, Kakà protects his pupil. - italian

I'm sorry I've found only "italian things", so a few recent photos (thanks to Futbolita ):

1. Pato just arrived at the hotel of the Seleçao
2. Pato between Adriano (Inter, Milan) and J. Caesar (Inter, Milan)
3. Pato on the plane with Robinho.


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Gabiehada_princesa04 on April 23rd, 2009 04:04 am (UTC)
he's so precious