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Alexandre Pato

The first & only LJ community dedicated to Brazillian wonderkid Alexandre Pato!

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Alexandre Pato ;]

Basic Info:
Full name: Alexandre Rodrigues da Silva
Date of birth: 02/09/1989
Place of birth: Pato Branco, Brazil
Height: 1.79 m
Playing position: Striker
Current club: AC Milan
Number: 7
Goals this season: 3

Alexandre Pato LJ Community.

Welcome! This is the very first Livejournal Community dedicated to the young Brazillian talent that is Alexandre Pato.
Alexandre Rodrigues da Silva (born September 2, 1989, in Pato Branco, Paraná), better known as Alexandre Pato, is a Brazilian striker currently playing for Italian club AC Milan. He got his nickname Alexandre Pato from the City he was born in, in English this translates to Alexandre the Duck. hence the title of this community alex_the_duck! :D

Again the community is still under construction due to school interferences. eew. XD
If anyone else wants to help me run this community please contact me @ my email: gabie_tanjutco@yahoo.com. :)

simple rules:
1. This community it fangirl friendly & slash friendly. so if you cannot handle it, please don't complain if someone posts slash or something fangirly.

2. USE TAGS! view the tags page to see what you should use if you decide to post: alex_the_duck's tags page!

3. Don't post anything irrelevant to Alexandre Pato, Milan or Brasil.

4. follow the rules & be nice. :]

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